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Video/'zine combo.

A journey through South American streets, New England scenery, Philly ‘hoods, snow-covered Utah mountains, and the Eastern European countryside:

Act I: Christine's Revenge. Riding burnt-out and abandoned cars in Argentina.

Act II: Las Calles Provee. Coast to coast in South America, primarily Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.

Act: III: Corridors. N.Y., D.C., and a bunch of places in between.

Act IV: Boundless. Snowbiking in Utah.

Act V: Duran Duran. Father/ son split section with Grimaldo Duran and George Duran.

Act VI: Henry's Voyage. Transition trek around New England in a vintage VW van.

Act VII: Antons. Cross country from Krakow, Poland to Kiev, Ukraine.

Video run time: 30 minutes

'Zine: 44 pages, 6" X 9", Full-color with DVD or digital download - SOLD OUT.

Rent/ own video: MAINTAIN II.V

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